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  • Snoopy Handmade Native American Pin/Pendant Plus...

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    This is a rare handmade Zuni Native American pin/pendant. I have never seen one since.   It is shell over sterling silver with details painted on.  The piece is 2.75" long.  I found it 15 years ago.  Shortly after I bought it, Charles Schultz retired.  I have always loved Peanuts and especially Snoopy.  So, I found the People and Newsweek magazines that covered Schultz' retirement to go along with the pin/pendant.  Then I found the last cartoon done ever by Schultz and laminated it.  Schultz passed away Feb. 12, 2000 and the cartoon was published the next day. So the pin/pendant comes with the magazines and the cartoon.  A great grouping of items for collectors.  SORRY couldn't get the picture with Snoopy to be upright.

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