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Custom Framing

Larry W.Yeager has been serving Benton County’s custom picture framing needs since 2007 at Jessy’s Gems Gallery in Vinton, then beginning on March 1, 2016 Larry moved the framing business to a large and newly remodeled woodworking and custom framing shop located on his property located about 2 miles north of Vinton.

The new shop is equipped with the latest state-of- the-art custom framing equipment that includes a Wizard 8000 Computerized Mat Cutter, a Fletcher 4000 Corner Lock Joiner and a Cassese CS299MXL2 V-nailer and a Dry Tac Vacuum Hot Press. We stock a supply of conservation mat board, acid free foam core, conservation grade glass and some of the most popular moldings.

Larry is a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) and has attended over 12 workshops and seminars regarding the different aspects of conservation framing. Being a member of PPFA makes it possible for him to keep abreast of the latest tools and strategies regarding the process of conservation framing.

Larry practices the latest conservation framing strategies as recommended by the Professional Picture Framers Association. All the material that we stock are considered conservation grade materials. This means that the material that comes in contact with the item being framed will not off gas and cause damage to the item. Plus the glass or acrylic used protects the item form UV rays that also cause damage. The items being framed are mounted in such a way that in most cases they can be removed from the framing package with no damaged to the item.

As you can image the cost of conservation material is higher than standard framing material. In addition, in most cases the labor to perform conservation framing takes more time. Conservation framing is the only style that we practice, therefore, if you are price shopping and get prices for non-conservation framing you will be swayed toward the cheaper price that is the result.

If the item that you want framed has either sentimental and/or financial value, conservation framing will preserve the item. We do not do non-conversation framing. If you want a cheap framing job we are not the framing shop for you. If you want it done right, we can help.

Turnaround time for a framing project can be as little as one day if all the material is in stock to up to 10 days if our supplier has the material.